Who are we?

Gnostic Corner is a non-competitive, co-operative business community based in Woy Woy on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Each of the businesses on Gnostic Corner are owner-operated and some are community-funded too.

Over time, Gnostic Corner has evolved into a working business community. Sharing resources and skills makes a community strong. We realise, that as the group grows, the needs and priorities will change. This keeps the group fresh and open to new opportunities.

Gnostic Forest

Gnostic Forest Woy Woy in 1998

In 14 years we have grown from one small independent shop struggling to be noticed against the larger urban sprawl type shopping centres, to 9 independently owned businesses that remain free from the pressures associated with the highly competitive retail world.

The simple principles of trust and co-operation can apply to any group of people who gather to form a community of any type. Resources can be shared which allows capital to be spread over wider investments.

Gnostic Mana 2001

Gnostic Mana Cafe Woy Woy 2001

As always the larger stronger members of any community will have more resources to share, but by realising that as the younger members develop and gain strength, the older more established members can rest into security knowing that the building work will now be done by the newer members.

Gnostic Forest 2002

Gnostic Forest Woy Woy 2002

No model is ever perfect, but by having common goals that are based on the success of the whole rather than the individual, any situations that arise can be resolved without dilemma.

Gnostic Forest 2012

Gnostic Forest Woy Woy 2012

We would encourage everyone to find some people who have the same ambitions and establish a working community to achieve a common goal.